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Onsite Inspection, Calibration & Repair


Radiation Survey Meter and Dosimetery

Our Calibration Service includes:

  • Offsite and onsite (same day) service;
  • Unit Operational Analysis to manufactures specifications;
  • Compliant with CNSC survey meter requirements;
  • Certificate of Calibration with all applicable data;
  • Fresh Batteries; and
  • Calibration Reminder Service

Regular Gauges maintenance PPM means optimum facility performance. Nuclear Services Canada understands time is money in todays industrial sector. We can service a wide range of Nuclear Gauges to meet the growing need of our customers.

Our services include:

  • Schedule PPM for facility;
  • Gauge inspection and cleaning;
  • Leak Test;
  • Repairs in accordance to manufacturer design; and
  • Nuclear Gauge installation and removal

Nuclear Services Canada has an efficient and reliable full service capability with NIST Standard 3-block onsite calibration of nuclear density gauges and lab equipment. Our Onsite Calibration and Repair trucks are also fully equipped to provide onsite leak testing and repairs.

Our on-site service saves you the expensive shipping cost and time consuming paper work. Your devices never leave your site.

We service and calibrate all models of nuclear gauges for :

  • Troxler;
  • Introtek;
  • CPN; and
  • Humbolt

We provide :

  • NIST 3 block calibrations;
  • Onsite (same day) and offsite service;
  • Fast turnaround time;
  • Low cost year round prices;
  • NIST Traceable Standards;
  • Background controlled and wall insensitive calibration bays; and
  • Disposal of damage gauges

Nuclear Services Canada provides you leak testing services that meets the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commissions expectations for radioactive sealed source testing.

Our trained personnel offer you a single point to contact for all your leak testing needs whether performed by us at your site or sample collection performed by you and sent to our lab(s) for analysis. We provide the instructions , test kits and support you need to meet your  CNSC license requirments.

Our service include:

  • Same day service ( once received) for analysis and results;
  • Scheduled reminders of your need for leak testing;
  • 24/7 support for Q/A; and
  • Leak test kits and sampling instructions

Nuclear Services Canada provides you with the means to remove radioactive sources and devices from your inventory in a safe manner, compliant with your CNSC license requirements.

We will work with your staff to develop a cost effective plan for the material removal.

Our services include:

  • CNSC necessary documentation;
  • TDG documentation;
  • Transportation documentation;
  • 24/7 support line;
  • Onsite packaging of your radioactive material;
  • Transferal of your material to Nuclear Service before leaving your site; and
  • Approve shipping containers

Nuclear Services Canada test your site for radiation as part of the decommissioning process for shutting the site down or moving the site. Our process provide tests for free and fixed radiation and report to CNSC regulation related to isotope found and acceptable regulatory levels.

Nuclear Service Canada will de-contaminate your site if level of radiation are above CNSC stipulates regulatory levels in accordance to  CNSC regulations

Services Include:

  • Initial testing and reporting of findings;
  • Developing decommissioning plan with customer and CNSC;
  • Decommissioning Site;
  • Removal and/or fixing of radioactive material;
  • Final Site testing and reporting; and
  • Radioactive material transferral of ownership to Nuclear Services Canada

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material is elements commonly found through Canada . These elements can contaminate your site and interfer with equipment and movement of material off-site.

Nuclear Service Canada services help manage these naturally elements and the effect to your business.

Services include:

  • Supply of equipment necessary to monitoring your N.O.R.M;
  • Our Trained Personnel can provide site visits, testing and monitoring as needed; and
  • Provide a strategic methodology to manage site N.O.R.M

We will work with your offices to accurately complete the annual compliance reports and submit them by the date required for your specific license.

Consultative services with all aspects of license application work for a CNSC licence. Licence report generation , submission and post support services available on or off site.

Licensed Experts Are Ready To Deliver Onsite Service