RSO-2 (Nuclear Medicine Technology)

The RSO-2 course is designed for senior/charge nuclear medicine technologists who have basic radiation protection experience and training.  The RSO-2 course uses a seminar/workshop approach to advance the skills and competence of those individuals responsible for radiation safety in nuclear medicine departments. 

The RSO-2 course is a five-day event whereby the first day will be spent reviewing radiation physics, health affects of radiation exposure and the principals of radiation protection for both open and sealed radioactive materials.  Day two would consist of a review of those CNSC regulatory statutes that apply to the discipline of nuclear medicine.

Days 3-5 would be workshop activities.  Here are some of the suggested topics:

  • CNSC reporting: Annual Compliance Reports;
  • Preparation for CNSC inspection/audit;
  • CNSC radioisotope licence renewal/amendments;
  • Determining instrument counting efficiencies;
  • Radiation surveying techniques;
  • Proper use and maintenance of radiation-survey instrumentation;
  • Calibration of radiation dose-rate and contamination instrument;
  • Evaluation of new replacement radiation survey instruments;
  • Radioiodine bioassay procedures;
  • Decommissioning of active areas;   
  • Receipt of radioactive shipments;
  • Training of support staff;
  • Myths associated with CNSC mandate/directives.  

People attending the seminar are requested to bring CNSC supporting documentation such as recent annual compliance reports, inspection reports, copy of CNSC licence(s), radiation safety procedure manuals and at least one radiation detection instrument.   

Registered course participants are encouraged to suggest additional topics for discussion prior to commencement of the seminar.